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Custom Wedding Packages

-Starting BLOOM investments-

Fresh Floral Package: $2500+

Fresh & Preserved Package: $3500+

Preserved & Dried Package: $4500


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A La Carte & Event Package

Smaller intimate Weddings and Event Floral for your non-wedding needs! $250+


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Preserved & Dried Blooms

Add our Premium Preserved & Dried Blooms to your home or office that you don't have to consistently change! The Everlasting Collection does just that!


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Meet Janelle

I'd first like to thank you for finding your way to us! As a small business owner I want you to know that I am excited and grateful for your interest and am honored to get to design something beautiful for you!

My name is Janelle and I am the owner and Lead Designer here at Bloom Studio. I am originally from California where I fell in love with the beautiful flowers that grew so effortlessly on the side of a busy highways and cracks in the sidewalk. It wasn't until I found myself settling down in Minnesota with my husband and two boys that I decided to make my love of flowers a full time career.

I have been designing primarily wedding floral for the past 9 years where I have freelanced for a lot of talented designers which allowed me to hone in on my specific design style and deepened my love and for all things floral. My passion is creating and working with flowers to bring to life visions that are unique to each clients style and personality. I enjoy bringing in dried and foraged natural elements to my designs.

The past few years I have been diving into Preserving and Drying booms in-studio and have fallen in love with floral in a whole new way. I'm so excited to finally add these Preserved and Dried Art pieces to Bloom Studio. Thanks for following along on my journey with all things Blooms!

Feel free to reach out and I look forward to connecting with you in person!

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Photography Credits: @capturedbycase_mn , @bundlestudio,, @magdalenajoyphotography

"I must have flowers, always and always" -Claude Monet

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